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At Brandis Beard Company we take natural beard care seriously.  We believe that in order to achieve the look and feel you desire you must start with the right products. Having used many other products in our beards we felt it was time to create our own.  In 2019 we started by experimenting with 100% natural ingredients and recipes until we found just the right formulas.  Our initial sales came from family, friends, and by selling our products to locals at farmer's markets and vendor fair.  Soon after we grew into the online marketplace selling nationwide.  Currently, we are producing all of the basic products you need to maintain your beard, and recently added a line of all natural cold pressed soaps.  You have countless choices when it comes to purchasing all natural products, but please consider becoming part of the Brandis Beard Company family.  We are a small business located in the heart of Massachusetts, and all of our sales directly benefit our own families.   

Our mission is simple:  

Create, sources, and sell high quality products, with natural ingredients that you will look forward to using in your daily routine.



We believe that the products we put on our skin and hair should be natural.  Today, so many low-cost alternatives are filled with chemicals that can damage your skin and hair with prolonged use.  These chemicals can strip your hair of natural oils and leave your skin feeling itchy.  

We've put significant time into researching which ingredients both clean and keep your hair and skin hydrated.  We source our natural ingredients from trusted suppliers to ensure our products are of the highest quality.  We never skimp on quality in order to maximize profits.  With regards to products that we must source from other vendors; we strive to purchase from small and family businesses who manufacture their goods in the USA.  We may not always be the cheapest, but we assure you that we will stand behind the fact that our products are premium quality.  

Though we do not have a storefront you may pick up your order locally at our office in Sturbridge, MA. Please choose "Local Pickup" during checkout and specify when you would like to pick up your order under the "Local Pickup?" link.  Send us an email with questions regarding pick up. 
Beard Products


So, you've decided to keep your beard after No-Shave November.  People are noticing and complimenting you on your new look, life is great.  Now what?


You've come to the right place!  You now need to show your beard some love.  Proper grooming, moisturizing, and washing is crucial to the overall health of your beard.  On this page you will find simple product info and instructions on how to maintain your beard.  Don't worry we won't bore you with rambling filler text and ads.


Products & Instructions

Growing a thick, clean, healthy looking beard revolves around properly maintaining your beard.  You should care for your beard each and every day with beard oil and beard balm.  A beard brush and a beard comb will help keep the hairs straighter and less tangled.  Using a brush and comb will also help spread the natural oils your body produces throughout your beard.  Use scissors to help keep your beard looking fresh and trimmed.  Ensure you wash your beard, but not too often.  Wash your beard with beard wash 1 - 2 times per week.  Never use bar soap, shampoo, or body wash in your beard.  To promote healthy skin and hair only use products that contain 100% natural ingredients.    

Beard Oil

Beard oil is a natural conditioner used to moisturize and soften the beard hair.  It is also effective at moisturizing the skin beneath and around your beard.  Use beard oil to give that thicker look and softer feel.  Some use beard oil to stimulate growth as well.

Instructions:  Apply beard oil each day by placing a dime-sized amount in the palm of your hand, then rub into your fingertips.  Use your fingertips to apply the oil onto the skin under your beard, followed by pulling through your beard hair.  Finish by thoroughly smoothing the oil throughout the entire area.  Apply any access to your hair or wipe away.

Beard Products
Beard Balm
Beard Products

A newer product in the beard care industry, beard balm is most commonly used for conditioning and styling.  You may also know it as beard butter or beard wax.  Use beard balm as a leave-in conditioner to moisturize, condition, and style your beard.


Instructions:  Scrape a small amount of beard balm into your hands and rub between your fingers.  Work the balm into wet or damp beard from root to tip.  It's also key to comb or brush your beard after applying.  Use only beard balms containing natural essential oils scents, or unscented.  Synthetic fragrance oil scents, which often contain chemicals, can leave your beard dry and brittle.  Always look at the ingredients before purchasing, not just the price.      

Beard Wash

Beard wash cleans the beard hair and skin under the beard without using potentially harmful chemicals found in shampoo and body wash.  It is not recommended to wash your beard more than 1 - 3 times per week.  However, more or less may be necessary depending on how active of a person you are and your body's chemistry.


Instructions:  Squeeze a quarter size amount of beard wash into the palm of your hand.  Our product is 100% natural, made with simple ingredients, it will come out of the bottle fast.  Build up a lather and apply to your beard.  Massage your beard and deep clean.  Rinse well with lukewarm water.  Pat down your beard with a lint free towel or blow dry.          

Style your beard

This entire process should only take you a few minutes.  Unless you just enjoy staring at your handsome face in the mirror.  

Gather up your tools:  Beard brush and comb, hair dryer, beard oil, and your styling product of choice such as beard balm.  Apply your oil to damp hair following the instructions from earlier in the article.  Next, use the hair dryer, comb, and/or brush to aid in straightening the hair giving it the shape you desire.  If you style your mustache as well do that next.  Finish the process with beard balm.  Use the beard balm to keep everything in place and keep your beard looking fresh all day.  This should be a simple daily routine that shouldn't take a lot of time. 

You've made it

Now that your beard is looking just the way you dreamed it would don't be afraid to try new things.  Experiment with different styles and different scents.  Let people feel how soft your beard has become and share your secret to success with others.  Enjoy the compliments!


We hope you have learned something from these simple instructions, it shouldn't be rocket science to have a healthy & clean looking beard. 

Beard Products
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