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Free Products?


Who doesn't like free stuff? 


Yes, we know what you are thinking:  Nothing is ever free anymore.  Ok, there is a slight catch.  The catch is that we hope you'll become part of the Brandis Beard Co. family by purchasing our other products and helping to spread our name.  The great news is that there is literally no purchase necessary to be entered into the giveaway.  You simply enter your information and we will randomly draw a single name each month.  The winner will receive a single product of our choice.  The prize(s) will be mailed to you at our expense.  We will continue this contest throughout the remainder of 2021, unless Paulie tells us we need to end it sooner.        

Basic Terms & Rules:  No purchase necessary to enter.  You must be willing to provide your First & Last Name, Mailing Address, and Email Address.  This information may be used by Brandis Beard Company, LLC for future contact regarding promotions, events, or sales.  You may remove yourself by simply sending an email to stating that you would no longer like to be contacted by Brandis Beard Company, LLC.


Names will be selected randomly by a team member or computer program.


This free giveaway is not a raffle and your odds of winning will not increase with any purchases made.  Odds of being chosen will depend on the amount of entries into the free giveaway.  


If your name is selected you will be contacted via email to the address you provided.  We will let you know that you have won, what you have won, and when the item is expected to ship.  Any items received can not be returned or exchanged for other items.  Items are assumed to have no monetary value, no refunds will be given.


Additional Terms & Conditions may apply.  See our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.  Terms subject to change at anytime.

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