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We've been pretty busy around the office.  Did you know that we actually operate two companies?  Brandon, the original bearded guy, is a Licensed Behavior Analyst who specializes in children and young adults with Autism and other disabilities.  These days, with the pandemic, managing behaviors in an ever-changing world is very difficult.  It keeps him and our amazing staff at the Brandis Center Inc. very busy!  I manage all of the behind-the-scenes work for both companies.  It works for me and I enjoy it.  


Brandon and I have been trying to get out and talk beards more, now that our states are reopening.  We're finding that people just want to be outside in the fresh summer air, chat, laugh, and just be around humans again.  That's pretty awesome for us because we love talking beards.  We've signed up for 7 Saturdays at our local brewery to set up and educate people on proper beard care.  So far it's been pretty awesome!


We hope that you are looking forward to the second half of 2020, I know we are!  Share a photo of YOUR Quarantine Beard on our Facebook page.

Before I go, check out this article that our label printer wrote back in March.  Link below.


Sticker Giant Article  


- Travis    

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