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What's New?


We've made it to March!

Well, we're two months into 2021.  How have things been for everyone?  Any different than 2020?  I think the jury is still out on that one.  

It's pretty quiet and cold up here in New England.  Seems mother nature isn't ready for Spring just yet.  That's ok, we're use to it.  However, we did escape to Florida for a few days. 

It seems that Big Paulie has really been spreading the word about our soaps.  We've had a lot of great feedback, and quite a few new customers join the family.  We love hearing about how we're doing.  Good or bad we encourage you to let us know.  We've got pretty thick skin.  


Summer will be here before we know it, and the Brandis Beard Co. team will be back on the road attending Farmer's Markets and Vendor Fairs.  We love and miss talking with everyone face-to-face.  Maybe things will be a little more "normal" this summer.


That's about all the excitement we've got for today.  The wind is blowing 20-50mph and trees are falling!  But, work must continue.

Happy 65th Birthday to the guy who originally came up with the "Big Paulie" concept.  My dad Larry! 






Big Paulie is on the hunt!

Our soaps are gaining popularity.  We've encouraged some folks, maybe even begged a few, to give our soaps a try.  We're not trying to take over the world and become a cold pressed soap company, however we know that we can offer a premium quality product that smells great, feels great, and will leave you happy.  We can also sell it at a competitive price!  Even better, you'll be buying from a small business that truly cares about each sale and each customer.  


Our Lumberjack, a.k.a Big Paulie, will become a more consistent face to our brand.  We asked him during his interview, "Can you sell us this bar of soap?".  His reply, as he pushed the bar of soap towards us, "This is the sh*t lumberjacks use".  He was immediately hired.  So, his mission is to now head into the woods and start looking for all of those people who are following the mythical Sasquatch.  One person at a time he's going to attempt to convince them that Lumberjacks help build America, not a mythical creature.  Join him as he starts his adventure soon.


That's all the craziness we have for today.







The start of a new year! 


2020 was filled with adventure as we worked toward building our brand and spreading the word.  We attended a bunch of vendor markets over the summer, and had a great time talking with people who wanted to get out for some fresh air.

What's happening in 2021 you ask?  Well, to start, we are expanding our line of products!  Some of the products we had hopes of creating have yet to work out.  We don't want to sell you products that we wouldn't use ourselves.  However, we are absolutely adding Cold Pressed Soap to our store!  We're extremely excited to be offering an all natural alternative to the chemical filled bar soaps you find in the store.  We simply can't explain in text how great they smell and feel on your skin.  They will be in limited supply until we can analyze sales and see which ones you all like the best.

Also, we're working on some new marketing campaigns.  We don't believe in jacking up our prices to pay for a huge marketing budget like some of these other companies.  So, look out for some craziness that we'll likely film with  our cell phones and a GoPro.  Maybe we'll give the kids the tools and products and see what they can come up with!  Shoot us a message with some creative marketing ideas.


That's about it for now.  Please, helps us out by following us on Facebook and Instagram!  Every little bit of support goes a long way!






We've been pretty busy around the office.  Did you know that we actually operate two companies?  Brandon, the original bearded guy, is a Licensed Behavior Analyst who specializes in children and young adults with Autism and other disabilities.  These days, with the pandemic, managing behaviors in an ever-changing world is very difficult.  It keeps him and our amazing staff at the Brandis Center Inc. very busy!  I manage all of the behind-the-scenes work for both companies.  It works for me and I enjoy it.  


Brandon and I have been trying to get out and talk beards more, now that our states are reopening.  We're finding that people just want to be outside in the fresh summer air, chat, laugh, and just be around humans again.  That's pretty awesome for us because we love talking beards.  We've signed up for 7 Saturdays at our local brewery to set up and educate people on proper beard care.  So far it's been pretty awesome!


We hope that you are looking forward to the second half of 2020, I know we are!  Share a photo of YOUR Quarantine Beard on our Facebook page.

Before I go, check out this article that our label printer wrote back in March.  Link below.


Sticker Giant Article  


- Travis    

Please do not feed the Sasquatch sign po
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